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Let’s Start at the Beginning: Childbirth

While I plan to tell you all about the “struggles” (and successes!) we have been through, the ones that brought and bring me to Google in search of other moms (reflux, dairy allergies, colic, lip/tongue ties, breastfeeding, tube feeding, BOTTLE FEEDING, supplementing with formula, pumping, diapers that stop blowouts [OMG this list is endless]), I feel it is only right to start at the beginning. Let’s start with the birth of dear District Baby (DB).

DB was born on a Monday afternoon, and late Saturday night the┬ácontractions began. All day Sunday I timed, I waited, and I timed. They were slow. Cue The Super Bowl and cue the pain! Wow those things hurt more than I anticipated. Around 11:00 pm I felt they were finally close enough to warrant a call to my doctor. The doctor on call sweetly asked me “Well, are you in so much pain you are doubled over and can’t walk?” SAY WHAT SISTER?

I had already had these two VERY serious thoughts run through my head:
-Why on Earth do women do this?
-I am NEVER having another baby again. Seriously, if we want this kid to have a sibling we are adopting. (I have since recovered from this)

Well, Dr. Sister told me to wait a few more hours. So I did. Not so calmly. By 2:00 am I had done enough pacing to wear the floor out and we called the doctor to say we were coming ready or not.

By 3:30 am District Dad (DD) and I were settled into our quiet delivery room, and the sweetest nurse was monitoring my vitals and contractions. At 5:00 am I was given that sweet nectar known as an epidural and DD was on his way to gaining feeling back in his fingers. (You moms that go sans medication — HUGE kudos do you, because that is next level)

The next few hours were a relaxed blur and at 2:00 pm I was told it was time to push. Fifty-eight minutes, 15 ice packs, and one change of scrubs later (I puked ALL over my rockstar nurse), the doctor was saying “It’s a girl!” and placing precious DB into my arms.

All in all I had a wonderful experience and I wouldn’t change a thing! How was your childbirth experience?